Basic Fencing Options to Consider

There are few things more versatile than the common fence. They can be used for protection or privacy, be decorative or industrial. They are used in neighborhoods of every status and in every country in the world. Choosing a fence can be difficult because of the vast amount of options available, but by first narrowing down exactly what you want to use it for, you can then move on to selecting the style you prefer.

Residential Fencing

Depending on where you live, the term “residential fencing” can bring up different images for you. If you live in a rural area, you probably imagine a rustic wood post and rail fence. For those in the suburbs, a lovely white picket fence may be the image.

You can find these and many other options from a residential fence company in Jacksonville FL. If you are looking for privacy, durability and an inexpensive option, wood is one of the best choices on the market. Pressure treated wood is exceptionally strong and can hold up to most weather extremes.

If you are looking for the appearance of a picket fence, but would rather not have to paint, consider vinyl. This option offers charm and chain link fence company jacksonville fl convenience. However it can be less durable than other choices and is prone to dings and scratches so it may not be perfect for the yard with active children.

Commercial Fencing

Chain link fencing is by far the most common and practical solution for any commercial lot. It can be utilized to corral equipment into a secured area or prevent injury of customers or bystanders by blocking off hazardous sites.

Chain link is available in various gauges and with additional security measures such as barbed wire and privacy screens. Your commercial fence company in Jacksonville can help you to select the type which will keep your business or equipment as secure as possible.

Additional Ideas

Security gates, automated gates and ornamental fencing are additional features and choices to consider. Fence companies Jacksonville fl customers frequent are able to help decide how tall your fence needs to be to keep your dog in or neighborhood kids out of your yard. They can either measure your yard for you or instruct you on how to get the most accurate measurement yourself. They can also help you to learn about all of the fencing styles and materials available.

Remember before you purchase or install any fencing to check with your town to see what may be needed before installation for permits or surveying. Also consider discussing your residential fencing with any neighbors adjoining the land about to be fenced off, just to avoid any disturbances once the work begins.

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